Concrete Leveling

Our expert team employs advanced techniques to insinuate a specialized mixture beneath sunken concrete, rectifying uneven surfaces without the burden of expensive replacements. This method not only restores structural integrity but also prioritizes safety, eliminating tripping hazards and enhancing the overall appearance of your space.

Affordable Excellence

Our concrete leveling solutions offer a cost-effective alternative, ensuring your budget remains intact while achieving exceptional results.

Efficiency Redefined

Experience minimal disruption to your property as we efficiently level surfaces, providing a swift and effective solution.

Safety First

Beyond aesthetics, we focus on creating surfaces that prioritize safety, eliminating tripping hazards for a secure environment.

Precision Craftsmanship

Trust our skilled team for precise adjustments, whether it’s minor tweaks or substantial lifts, delivering accuracy at every level.

Choose Accu-Crete Lift & Level for concrete leveling services that redefine expectations, promising not just leveled surfaces but a foundation of enduring quality.


Concrete leveling and mudjacking are two different ways of describing the same process – addressing sunken or uneven concrete surfaces. A special slurry is injected beneath the sunken surface, typically a mixture of crushed limestone, cement and water. This mixture has a flowable fill consistency, allowing it to be pumped into voids beneath the concrete.

The application starts with identifying areas of settlement and lifting points. Holes are then drilled into concrete slabs, we then use our specialize mud pump to pump the mud slurry underneath. The slurry fills all voids and raises the slab back to its original position. The access holes are then filled with a concrete like grout and the surface restored. The slurry dries into a hard mass that provides long-lasting support. With proper preparation and application, concrete leveling can successfully stabilize any settled concrete surface.

Specific requirements of each project and the preferences of our clients can introduce unique changes to the concrete leveling process as outlined above.

Mud Jacking
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